About Us

One day, in April 2019, the talented founder Gleb decided to fulfill his dream and create his own jewelry store. He believed in the idea of ​​creating unique pieces in premium 316L stainless steel and turning them into true masterpieces of art.

Thus, the Royale Chain store was born. Inspired by the elegance and strength of stainless steel, he began to create a variety of jewelry: neck chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, and also took orders for the manufacture of jewelry according to the individual preferences of customers.

The first time was not easy. He faced many challenges, such as sourcing quality stainless steel, creating aesthetically pleasing designs, and attracting customers. But thanks to his passion for creating beautiful jewelry and striving for perfection, he overcame these obstacles.

Over time, Royale Chain has become a popular place to shop for high quality jewelry. People appreciated the unique designs, the strength of the material and the affordable prices. Gleb continued to develop his business, attracting new talented designers and expanding the range of products.

Over time, Royale Chain has become not just a store, but a real brand associated with quality and style. Their products began to be worn by celebrities, and the store attracted the attention of fashion publications.

Today, several years later, the Royale Chain store continues to delight its customers with unique and exquisite jewelry made of premium 316L stainless steel. Through dedication to his mission and constant innovation, Gleb turned his dream into a successful business and left his mark on the world of costume jewelry.